February/March 2021

Please note the District Board has officially changed meeting dates & time to the second Monday of each month at 3pm. Our Regular Board meetings are always open to the public and we encourage you to attend and help us to meet the current needs of the Cass County community.  Meetings will be held virtually due to the pandemic until further notice. Please contact the office at 269-445-8641 x 5 for ZOOM meeting address or in-person location status.

Cass CC District Board Meeting Schedule

Tree Sale Catalog is here!!- follow this link to the April 29-May 1, 2021 Cass County Conservation District Annual Tree & Fruiting Plant Sale catalog and price list. Plan ahead to ensure your planting site is right for your trees/plants. Look here for details about each of the species (coming soon) and here for important planting instructions. More about tree planting can be found here in the USDA Backyard Conservation Tip Sheet. 

Pick up your 2020 Cass County Plat Book Today!
$32 with tax included – new features include historic maps and Underground Railroad information.

Welcome the new MAEAP Technician Emily Haluda! Check out her introductory Facebook post. This Lake Superior State alumni is learning much and would be happy to share MAEAP information with you and perhaps visit your farm and start you on the path to MAEAP verification. Give her a call at 269-445-8641 x 5.

With the changing seasons we are preparing for our spring tree sale which is scheduled for April 29-May 1, 2021 and would love to her from you if you want to reserve large quantities or are interested in a specific species. We are also planning out 2021 and are open to suggestions for activities we should direct our focus toward.

The Tuesday night Hike with a Naturalist events are suspended between November 1 and January 31. There will be limited hikes during the winter due to daylight time and weather. Feel free to call Korie at 269-445-8641 x 5 to see if we plan on venturing out – you are certainly welcome to join in. Sometimes the woods are so serene and beautiful and wildlife is easier to spot with the trees bare from their leaves. A schedule for the 2021 season should be disclosed prior to April 1.

Please be aware our office is co-located with NRCS and will follow all Federal USDA guidelines as they develop. Currently, our office continues to be closed for all “in-person” activities.

However, communications with the Cass County Conservation District can be made by emailing staff and or/leaving a message at 269-445-8641 x 5 with your name, phone number and email address if you prefer. Someone will be in the office each day and will direct your message to the proper staff who will get back with you as soon as possible. Some staff are working from home and in the field, there may be temporary delays to access to them but, we will try to ensure limited interruptions in our service to you.

Thank you for your support and patience – please note we will have to be flexible with our plans as directions from the State and/or Federal USDA are delivered in response to the changing conditions we are facing to combat this threat to health and human safety. Please take every precaution to protect yourself and your family.

Korie Blyveis, Cass County District Administrator


Glad you stopped by to visit our website. We hope you will find information easily.  On the left banner you will find the latest blog post and below please follow the links to important information and details of the programs available from our office.

District Board of Director Meeting Dates

Summer 2019 Newsletter
Autumn 2018 Newsletter
Fall 2017 Newsletter

Cost Share Program in Cass County


Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program

MAEAP-verified farms keep their land, water and air as healthy as the food they produce.  They represent the highest standards of environmental stewardship and responsible agriculture.

MAEAP is a three-phrase process:  1) Education, 2) Risk assessment & management changes, 3) State of Michigan verification.

Look for MAEAP signs throughout the County.  For more information about MAEAP verification contact our technician Erez Brandvain at 269-445-8641 x 5.

Learn More

SW x SW Corner CISMA

Cass County is a part of the SW x SW Corner Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area.

A CISMA is a partnership of federal, state, and local Government, agencies, tribes, individuals, and various interested groups that manage invasive species (or have a stake in managing) in a defined area.

The Regional Coordinator Eleanor Serocki will continue working to develop and implement outreach and education and further the overall CISMA goals of early detection, rapid response, and eradication of the targeted invasive species determined for Cass as well as Berrien and Vanburen Counties.

Contact Eleanor at 269-269-657-4030 x 5  to learn more about invasive species, to learn about the MISIN app used to map invasive species in our area, to volunteer, or schedule a presentation to a group or organization.

Bill Westrate is our local volunteer and invasive specialist who will be dropping by the office every Wednesday to answer questions about invasives and help identify plants and insects. Call 269-445-8641 x 5 and ask to leave a message for Bill so, he can connect with you if you are stumped about some new species on your property.

Learn More about the CISMA and the Target Invasive Species


Next Steps…

Cass County Conservation District is funded by State & Local government grants/support, donations, program sponsorship, and product sales (plat books, trees and tree supplies).  In order to better serve our community we need your support too.

Volunteers are an integral part of accomplishing the Conservation District goals.  Assistance is needed at the office, with the invasive species program, stream monitoring projects, at special events, preparations for Tree Sale and more.  Please consider donating some time to your local District.  Call today to get on mail list and provide your contact information and areas of interest – we appreciate your concern for the environment and willingness to lend a hand.

Help us build your District