2020 Clean sweep pesticide collections

Cass County farmers/residents don’t miss this opportunity to rid your barn/shed of unwanted or no longer usable pesticides.

Berrien County provides the important service of collecting unused and unwanted old pesticides to eliminate the potential danger to groundwater quality, and environmental and human health if they spill or are improperly disposed. This service is available to qualified applicants, including Michigan pesticide retailers.

Here is the 2020 schedule for this event – please make an appointment today for July 29 collection and get your barn/shed cleaned out of these high risk materials. 2020 Clean Sweep Collection.

The two dates in Berrien County are June 24 and July 29 – for more information contact Jill Adams at 269-983-7111 x 8234 or the Kalamazoo Clean Sweep Program at 269-373-5211.